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Wednesday 2/16/24 - Groomers are out as of 10am evaluating the trail conditions. Firm icy layer under the soft snow, so experienced skier and metal edges are recommended at the moment. 

Restaurant and Bar will be OPEN Friday 2/16 from 4-7pm, and everyday through President's Week.

Previous Conditions Reports

1/12/24 - Trails were groomed this morning and are in great shape. No classic tracks yet, but with the next snow storm we should have enough depth to set tracks.

1/11/2023 - Trails are CLOSED today. Conditions are very firm/icy. With a little more snow we will be able to groom and trails will be in good shape. Think snow!

1/10/2024 - Trails are CLOSED with the wet/slushy snow until things re-freeze. The groomers will appreciate it if you stay off the trails and minimize holes and tracks that will remain when frozen

1/9/2024 - With a fresh 4+ inches the trails are groomed. 90% of trails are groomed, packed powder over firm/ice base. More snow in the forecast!